How To Go Green With Your Yard This Year

How-To-Go-Green-With-Your-Yard-This-YearHave you longed to go green in your garden and surrounding landscape but aren’t sure where to begin? It turns out that you are in good company. More homeowners are looking for ways to have a great looking outdoor space that is both low-maintenance and pleasing to the eye. To get you started, we are including a few easy, environmentally-sound ways to make the switch to a sustainable and healthy yard.
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5 Green Tips That Will Save Your Company Cash

5-green-tips-that-save-your-company-cashBusinesses are beginning to take note of green practices and how they can impact the bottom line. Aside from reducing energy consumption and eliminating waste, green practices will improve the business’s reputation with the community, generating more sales. Below, we outline 5 tips to make businesses more green and more profitable.
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Upgrade Your Home With Energy Efficient Appliances By Utilizing Green Mortgages

Green-MortgageGreen mortgages are the new form of loan that is in rage now. It helps in lowering the bills and gives you the ability to borrow hefty amounts. The aim of this mortgage is lower the bill of the customers and help them to increase the amount of monthly payment, in a way increase the loan amount. In comparison to the traditional mortgages, low rate of interest is levied on the green ones. An integral part of approval of the green mortgage is the energy audit of your home, conducted by the professionals hired by the lending agencies. The aim of this audit is to determine the amount that you can save every month through the use of energy efficient appliances.
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Green Financing An Important Way Of Funding Energy Efficient Projects

Igreen-financingnvestment for energy efficient projects and programs are beneficial for the businesses as well as for the environment. A number of financial institutes provide funds to the organizations to reduce the use or energy and the costs incurred in the same. Be it the large organizations, or the startups, all can avail these finance options that can help them to lower the energy bills and also help them to save energy. Various projects and industries like air conditioning, refrigeration, and solar power are eligible to apply for this financing option. Businesses those are run by the sole proprietors, partnerships and large corporates are covered with the energy efficient of green financing services.
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Go off the Grid with These Easy Strategies

Go-Off-the-Grid-with-These-Easy-StrategiesIt is great that people seek to get back to basics. Going off grid can be an amazing and rewarding experience, not only for adults, but for children as well. This is a lifestyle they will never learn to genuinely appreciate the benefits of in any digitally replicated video game. It is a touch of reality that is missing from the lives of many kids – especially those who exist within the confines of the concrete playgrounds. Living off grid, however, is a lifestyle that involves a lot of hard work, contrary to the more sedentary lifestyles that most families are used to enjoying. Read more »

LED industry
Innovation in green technology can be seen in lighting industry.
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COB LED Street Lights
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