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Vestas wants largest offshore wind turbine

The loan that Vestas recently received by nine banks, enables the company to immediately continue. The Danish wind turbine maker wants to build the largest offshore wind turbine ever made.

Vestas is, according to Bloomberg, going to cooperate with Mitsubishi to place a wind turbine with a capacity of 8 megawatts. It has to be the largest offshore wind turbine in the world. Siemens is currently testing a turbine of 6 MW.

Wind Turbine which produces both Electricity and Water

In many parts of the world people have limited or no access to electricity. While supplying these areas with electricity is mainly one part of improving these areas, access to drinkable water is also a huge problem.

A Portable wind turbine which fit in a shipping container

Where a normal wind turbine is placed in one place for life, one company is working toward an adaptable and portable wind power turbine. The portable wind turbine will fit inside a standard shipping container and can be transported to remote job sites with no special equipment at all.

Enclosed Rooftop Wind Turbines

Entrepreneurs in Australia are developing a new, small-scale wind turbine suitable for rooftops. The Windpod, as it is called, looks more like a cylindrical, vertical-axis wind turbine, than a ‘pinwheel’ horizontal-axis turbine, but is deployed on its side.

Wind Turbine Prices continue to drop

While fossil fuel prices continue to rise, wind energy prices continue to fall. Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s latest Wind Turbine Price Index (WTPI) reports that utility-scale wind power equipment prices hit a new low in the second half of 2011. Prices dropped about 4%.

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