World’s biggest solar plant opens in Spain

Last month the La Florida plant was completed in Spain. With this plant the nation’s solar power production is now comparable to the output of a nuclear power station. The La Florida plant is also the largest solar power station in the world, and with this plant, Spain overtakes the US as the biggest solar generator in the world.

Spain is one of the world leaders in renewable energies. It has a highly developed wind power sector, it is a great producer of hydro-electricity and now is the world leader in solar energy as well.

The new plant takes Spain’s solar output to 432MW and it is a parabolic collector. With this method, sunlight is reflected off the parabolic mirror on to a fluid-filled tube. The mirror rotates during the day to follow the path of the sun. The sunlight is reflected on the tube and the heated liquid is then used to heat steam to run the turbines.

According to the representative of the solar energy sector in Spain, Protermosolar, within a year another 600MW will have come on-stream and by the year 2013 solar capacity will have reached 2,500MW.

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